Jan 21st
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Overall themes

Course October 2011

Course October 2011

Course "Video Production and Web 2.0 - New media to support lifelong learning"

24th October to 28th October 2011, Berlin


A new Berlin media course focussing on the use of video in the classroom but also including the use of web 2.0 tools to support this. The five days will bring hands-on activities including storyboard exercises, stop-motion and video news. The course will take place at the Kulturring Centre in Treptow / Köpenick, the Kinemathek Berlin, the Grimm Centre of the Humboldt University, the Berlin Wall Memorial and the Evangelische Schule in Friedrichshagen. The course will go alongside the online course which is supported by the web20erc project.

The course documenation will follow on a separate blog. Internal communication will take place on the web20erc online platform.





Video examples creativity

Video examples to support the creativity theme. Check out our video gallery to find more examples and background information.


The key example"We go to the movies"(special education)


Best practise example"Windflowers" (primary school, art lesson)


Best practise example "Contrasts in Berlin"  (teacher training, history lesson)

Viducate documentation: The use of mobile phones as video cameras in the classroom

EU 2009 year creativity

EU 2009 year creativity

The European Yeear of Creativity and Innovation 2009 (link to the website)

Manifesto for Creativity and Innovation in Europe
1. Nurture creativity in a lifelong learning process where theory and practice go hand in hand.
2. Make schools and universities places where students and teachers engage in creative thinking and learning by doing.
3. Transform workplaces into learning sites.
4. Promote a strong, independent and diverse cultural sector that can sustain intercultural dialogue.
5. Promote scientific research to understand the world, improve people’s lives and stimulate innovation.
6. Promote design processes, thinking and tools, understanding the needs, emotions, aspirations and abilities of users.
7. Support business innovation that contributes to prosperity and sustainability.

You find the full text here in all European languages.


videos intercultural communication

Key example "Pigeon flying"

Best practice example "Dialogue in the classroom"

Best practice example "When I was Sixteen"
The languages of art and intercultural dialogue

Join our network

Interested in video education, wanting to find out more?

We would be happy to have you on board of our European network, where video educators (viducators) meet and where educators who are interested in video education can connect.

Come to our events, join our courses, check us out online on facebook or ning, bring in your contributions on the best practise video gallery or just send us a message if you further questions, problems, ideas, suggestions ...

We are looking forward to hearing from you or meeting you.


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